Tomato time giveaway


Giving away this watch from Tomato Time!

Rather than just timepieces, wristwatches are often considered as an essential fashion accessory that is both functional and fashionably fits the lifestyle of the user. Tomato Time provides a wide variety of watches that aims to suit the wearer’s personality and lifestyle. The brand’s product categories are CASUAL, SPORTY, CORPORATE and PARTY.

Equipped with the elegance and sophistication that other high-end brands bring, what sets Tomato Time apart from them is the affordability of its products. This is the main selling point of the brand—affordable high-fashion timepieces for the smart and practical you!

Here’s how to join the giveaway: 

1. Like my Page on Facebook here and follow me on Twitter here.

2. Like Tomato Time’s Facebook Page here.

3. Go to the BLOGGER’S GIVEAWAY PROMO album and download any of my posters.

4. Re-upload the poster on Tomato Time’s Facebook Wall here and tag as many friends as you can. 

5. Facebook user with the most fans wins!

Be it on the gym, or an outdoor workout, jogging in your village or simply running in your own home treadmill, these watches would surely make you feel and look good and stylish at the same time.

Don’t forget to check this look out on my lookbook account, just click here!

Promo period is from November 19 to 25 only. Announcement of winners will be on November 30. Cheers guys!

November 20th, 2012 Giveaways

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