Metro Magazine’s September Cover Story with KimXi

Metro Magazine’s September Cover Story with KimXi

Metro Magazine decided to shoot several stories (including their covers!) in London this year, and BJ took me onboard the editorial team to help out with their shoots. Working with Kim and Xian was really great, they are surprisingly accessible and very down to Earth. A long day’s shoot ended with some chicken and drinks at world famous Nando’s (apparently everyone who had been to London before was going through some form of roast chicken withdrawal, they wanted Nando’s every other night). Get behind the scenes with these photos from our shoot!

rmetroinlondon-3 rmetroinlondon-4 rmetroinlondon-5 rmetroinlondon-6 rmetroinlondon-7 Kim and Xian were energetic despite the heat wave, I have no idea how they pulled off posing for the camera in windless, 31C weather!rmetroinlondon-12 rmetroinlondon-14 These friendly Spaniards interrupted our cover shoot to get Xian to try and unlock their door. Presumedly because he looked so tall and muscular and maybe they wanted to get his number or something.rmetroinlondon-15 rmetroinlondon-16 rmetroinlondon-17What do you think of Metro’s September cover story? Let me know in the comment section below. Huge hug and grateful bow to Eldzs, Sarah, BJ, and the rest of the team for having me on this shoot!

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  1. jackiecuddles

    Thank you for having KimXi in your September issue. The beautiful photos, magazine write-up, Instagram pics and tv special are treats for all Kim and Xian fans.

  2. tess

    The Best cover of the year. Thanks Metro for making this two adorable people to grace your September cover very classy and very easy to the eye LOVE IT!!!!

  3. Nelia Sparks

    KimXi are indeed a Royal Couple. Love all the photos and the article about KimXi. So excited to be able to read the digital copy. My family and friends having difficulties finding copies for me, still. Hopefully we will be able to watch on TFC the MetroMag Special. Thank you again for having Kim and Xian on your Sep issue.

  4. Teddygirl

    Wonderful & Fantastic in every sense of the shots even those behind the camera …..Thank you for featuring them in your September Issue Cover…Love every bit of it ..!

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