Cousins and Cats in Amsterdam

Cousins and Cats in Amsterdam

I met up with my cousin Denise in Amsterdam for the third leg of her first Eurotrip, and even though we didn’t have too much time together it was really great getting to explore a fantastic new city with a true, trusted friend and one of my closest family members.

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People in Amsterdam seem to have a certain fondness for cats!

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If I’m being honest, it was faster to walk to places around the city than to take public transport. I only ever really took the bus or the tram when the walk would take more than 40 minutes. They’re kinda slow, and the city seems built more for pedestrians and boats than anything else.

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We just had to take a photo together at our Airbnb houseboat!

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This photo sums up Amsterdam in a nutshell: bikes, laid back eating, and windmills.

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Throwback to the good old days of… film? Or gelatin silver slide¬†photography even!

ramsterdam2016-29 ramsterdam2016-31

The biggest, hairiest pussy you have ever seen!

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The Dutch love their sneakers so much they even get married in them.

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